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Plans for the future

2009-08-02 11:50:02 by Yoruichi

Although I have been able to give much thought this year, there hasn't really been any time to put anything into practice.

I have recently started putting together a new game engine which looks promising, hopefully ill be able to get myself an xmas release :)

I am back !!

2009-01-22 18:10:45 by Yoruichi

Sorry to keep everyone waiting this long, my university/job workload beat the hell outta me last year so I did not get round to publishing anything =s

I am now finished until september so you should see some publishings soon.

I look forward to hearing your comments ^^

Actionscript 3.0

2008-04-16 18:10:55 by Yoruichi

Argh, I have begun my studies into actionscript 3.0

I am planning to make a game along the lines of the old zelda games (link to past etc)

Its going to take a looong time and may involve repeated suicide attempts as I stand on my chair with my warlock hat on screaming "COMPILE DAMN YOU!!".

But apart from that I think its going ok ^^

lets see how I do.